Norelco "Continental 401" Model 3534 Reel-to-Reel Stereo Tape Deck for sale in Alpha, New Jersey


For sale, my dad's Norelco "Continental 401" Model 3534 Stereo Reel-to-Reel tape player & recorder. He bought this new in 1961. The unit is solid state, no tubes. It playes reels max 7" in diameter and 1/4" tape. It has four speeds: 15/16th's, 1 7/8th's, 3 3/4's and 7 1/2 I.P.S. It comes with the original Norelco stereo omni-directional microphone w/ 25' cord, made in Holland just like the tape player. The unit powers up and the motor sounds perfect. It has been stored in a dry, clean, smoke-free & pet-free temperature controlled environment. The machine works but the "play" button will not stay down when depressed. The part that catches and holds down the button when depressed must be gummed-up/sticking and is not holding the button down. This is the part that needs attention, probably cleaning & lubrication, or just some use. The rest of the controls and buttons work normally. The left reel spindle has worn tines, but he fabricated a small wire loop that keeps the supply reel from slipping on the spindle. That slippage would nly be an issue during fast-rewind anyway. The unit can be hooked up to an external amplifier receiver and speakers, or may beplayed through it's own built-in amplifier and built-in speakers! The speaker in the base (behind that front grille) acts as "left" and the speaker in the cover is always placed to the right. Cosmetically, the unit is in beautiful condition especially for 52 years old! The vinyl covered wood case has not cuts/tears and is almost flawless except for some slight discoloration on the white portions. The gray looks like brand new. The chrome pieces like the lid hinges/latches, handle mounting covers, and the whole face plate around the switches, controls, knobs, levers & VU meter is in amazing condition. Nothing is tarnished, gouged, scratched... In addition to the original stereo Norelco microphone, I have the owners/operation manual and two rear covers. Usually these rear covers are missing entirely, but I have two. This unit is CLEAN, and was very carefully used by one festidious person. Weighs 38 pounds. Tapes shown in some pictures are not included. LOCAL pickup ONLY. I may be able to meet you halfway somewhere... but you must get this IN PERSON and pay CASH. Cash ONLY. Item is located in Warren County New Jersey. Please have a means to pick this unit up, it will not be shipped anywhere. Email me here, or call me , leave message. Thanks!

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