Thoroughbred - Wyatt - Large - Senior - Male - Horse for sale in Alpha, New Jersey

Thoroughbred - Wyatt - Large - Senior - Male - Horse
Wyatt is a 25+ year old Thoroughbred gelding about 16 hands who was taken in by Mylestone in early September 2005. He was totally emaciated, needing to gain 280-300 pounds. Unable to 'earn his keep' as a lesson horse and at pony parties, Wyatt was no longer being fed. He tried to get what food was left out, and for this he was covered with bite marks and scars where the other horses tore chunks of flesh out of his body when he tried to eat. His owners paid to have him shoed as they pushed him to work despite his becoming skeletal, but feeding him was not their concern. Once at Mylestone, Wyatt had to be led to his food, and it wasn't `til several meals later that he realized that food would be continually forthcoming. He gained all the weight he needed. He has been treated with nothing but love and devotion by volunteers at Mylestone -- we believe it has been key to his recovery. Nothing less could be considered in a permanent home. If you could provide this special home for Wyatt, contact us for more details. Wyatt has not been ridden in several years. He may be sound enough for occasional light riding with a lean adult but would probably do best as just as wonderful companion horse. If not adopted, Wyatt will remain contentedly at Mylestone but he would love for you to sponsor him, or make a general donation to assist with his long term care. Your support means a great deal to us, thank you.
Breed: Thoroughbred
Size: Large
Petfinder ID: 14079898
Mylestone Equine Rescue | Phillipsburg, NJ |

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