LASERDISCS !! whole lot, enitre collection. PRISTINE CONDITION for sale in Alpha, New Jersey


I am selling my LaserDisc collection. The ENTIRE collection for $200 obo. Not selling individual movies. Many special edition/collectors edition box sets. All in excellent condition, most played only once, properly stored. Covers & inserts all look new, super CLEAN. There are 75.
Also have X-Files TV series (19 discs, 2 episodes each) and the X-Files, feature film movie. A rare opportunity to acquire these locally, from a collector that kept them like new all these years, and they can't be bought NEW any longer If you like Laserdiscs, and are a collector, you will LIKE these. These are not DVD's, VHS, Videodiscs, etc... these are LASERDISCS. NO shipping, for local pickup only, in CASH only. Items MUST be purchased IN PERSON. $200 obo FOR ALL!!!!
* A Christmas Story, Extended Play
* Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, 25th Anniversary Edition, widescreen edition
* To Die For, Deluxe Widescreen Presentation
* Sex, Lies & Videotape, "The Criterion Collection/Widescreen Format "Videoscope"
* Unforgiven, 2 disc set
* Golden Eye 007, "THX Letterbox Edition", 2 discs
* Natural Born Killers, " " "
* Like Water for Chocolate, single disc "presented in original theatrical aspect ratio 1.85:1
* Total Recall
* Ferris Bueller's Day Off, W/S Edition
* Austin Powers, W/S Edition
* Romeo Is Bleeding Deluxe Widescreen Version
* Who Framed Roger Rabbit, W/S Edition, CAV, 2 discs
* Dances With Wolves, W/S Edition, 2 discs
* It's A Wonderful Life, "Digitally Remastered Edition From The Original Film Negative", Original Uncut Version, 2 discs
* Christmas Vacation
* The Rocky Horror Picture Show
* Henry & June, "Letterboxed" , 2 discs
* Tie Me Up Tie Me Down!, Deluxe W/S Edition
* Wayne's World, W/S Edition
* Last Tango in Paris, Deluxe Letter-Box Edition, 2 discs
* The Usual Suspects, Deluxe W/S Version
* Stargate, "Deluxe Edition" ("Newly remastered with AC-3 & THX contains 9 minutes never before seen"), 2 discs
* Barcelona, W/S Edition
* Blade Runner, Special W/S Edition, 2 discs
* Apollo 13, Letterboxed, 2 discs
* Coal Miners Daughter, 2 discs
* Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, Deluxe W/S Presentation, 2 discs
* Honeymoon in Vegas
* Miami Rapsody, Letterbox Laserdisc
* Clear and Present Danger, W/S Edition, 2 discs
* The Shawshank Redemption (X's 2), Deluxe W/S Presentation, 2 discs ea. TWO COPIES SAME MOVIE
* Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Letterbox Edition, 2 discs
*The Wizard of Oz, "Technicolor Restoration THX Laserdisc
* Clerks, Exclusive Letterbox Director's Edition, ("Includes scenes not shown in theaters and complete audio commentary by director Kevin Smith")
* The Cook The Thief His Wife Her Lover, W/S Edition, 2 discs.
* Gone With The Wind, "50th Anniversary Edition", 2 disc set
* Last Exit To Brooklyn, Deluxe W/S Version
* Indian Jones and the Temple Of Doom, W/S Edition, 2 discs
* Raiders of the Lost Ark, W/S Edition
* Bram Stoker's Dracula, Special Collectors Edition, (includes original theatrical trailers) Deluxe W/S Edition, 2 discs
* Let It Ride
* Hamlet, 2 discs, W/S Edition
* Immortal Beloved, Deluxe Widescreen Presentation, 2 discs
* The Fugative, W/S Edition, 2 discs
* The Mask (Jim Carrey)
* Getting Even With Dad
**The X-Files TV Show**:
The Blessing Way (Episode 3X01) and Paper Clip (Episode 3X02) (2 uncut episodes)
Humbug (#2X20) and Anasazi (#2X25) (2 uncut episodes)
Unruhe (#4X02) and Paper Hearts (#4X08)
Nisei (# 3X09) and 731 (#3X10) (contains two uncut episodes)
Fallen Angel (# 1X09) and Eve (#1X10) (2 uncut episodes)
Conduit (# 1X03) and Ice (# 1X07) (2 uncut episodes)
Pilot (# 1X79) and Deep Throat (# 1X01) (2 uncut episodes)
Herrenvolk (# 4X01) and Home (# 4X03)
Wetwired (# 3X23) and Talitha Cumi (# 3X24) (2 uncut episodes)
Tunguska (# 4X09) and Terma (#4X10)
Darkness Falls (#1X19) and The Erlenmeyer Flask (# 1X23) (2 uncut epsiodes)
Beyond The Sea (#1X12) and E.B.E. (# 1X16) (2 uncut episodes)
Squeeze (# 1X02) and Tooms (# 1X20) (2 uncut episodes)
Colony (#2X16) and End Game (# 2X17) (2 uncut episodes)
Irresistible (# 2X13) and Die Hand Die Verletzt (# 2X14) (2 uncut episodes)
Little Green Men (# 2X01) and The Host (#2X02) (2 unut episodes)
Sleepless (#2X04) and Duane Barry (#2X05) (2 uncut episodes)
Ascension (# 2X06) and One Breath (#2X08) (2 uncut episodes)
Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose (# 3X04) and War Of The Coprophages (# 3X12) (2 uncut episodes)
* The X Files (Feature Film, not the TV show) W/S Edition, 2 discs normal box, this is the movie, not the TV series)
These are all Special Edition Box Sets Collectors Editions Laserdiscs:
* Walt Disney Masterpiece Edition Lion King, Deluxe CAV Letterbox Edition.
* Jurassic Park Letterboxed Edition, 3 discs in a hardbox
* Amadeus, Pioneer Special Edition
* Schindler's List, Letterboxed Edition
* Breakfast at Tiffany's
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